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Jon Stewart, host of "The Daily Show," commenting on the MIddle East. Photo by Screen grab

Comedian Jon Stewart's latest target in the Middle East is not Israel, John Kerry or the United Nations –this time he takes on United States foreign policy throughout the region.

Stewart opened by harking back to the criticism he received for chastising Israel's current military campaign in Gaza. "The Middle East, this is a dangerous region, even for the people who do not live there; say [also for those] who only express the mildest concern about the humanitarian tragedy of civilians who have nothing to do with the warring factions."

Stewart continued by discussing the role the United States has historically played in the region - attempting to help bring in peace, democracy and freedom. Unfortunately, he noted, that when that did not work out so well, the U.S resorted to a different strategy – handing out bombs. Stewart said the U.S. is "like the Oprah of Middle East Weapons systems, you get some bombs, you get some bombs, everybody gets some bombs!"