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Screen grab of The Reid Report on MSNBC Photo by Screen grab

Haaretz's U.S. editor and senior correspondent Chemi Shalev was a guest on MSNBC's The Reid Report on Monday to discuss the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Host Joy Reid asked Shalev how much longer can Netanyahu maintain "the line" that this operation is not "meant to target civilians?"

Shalev responded, "I think there was a realization that there was a turning point yesterday… Israelis are well aware that international opinion is turning against them, which may not worry Israelis that much, they are used to international opinion being against them, but the question is when will governments start turning against them?"

Reid concluded the segment asking how this conflict may end, that it is "hard to imagine a peaceful end?"  Shalev responeded, "I do not think anybody is thinking about a peaceful end here. Egypt and Secretary Kerry are looking for a ceasefire and guaranteeing Israel a closer adherence to a ceasefire and giving Hamas some straw, a timetable in ending this siege."

The interview took place as another day of heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas continued, with Israel's military casualities rising to 28 according to Israeli officials and the Palestinian death toll reached over 600, according to Palestinian officials.