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The U.S Federal Aviation Administration is expected to announce the lowering of Israel's aviation security ranking following an inspection on Wednesday that uncovered severe security shortcomings in the Israel Civil Aviation Authority. As a result the image of Israeli airlines in the United States and in Europe may be harmed, as well as their profitability.

As a consequence of the announcement, Israeli airlines' flights to the United States will be limited, meaning there will be no additional flights to the U.S and no option for other aircrafts to be added. Moreover, supervision on air traffic and the activity of Israeli airlines in the U.S will be increased.

Israel's aviation security will receive a ranking which some 10-20 other countries have been given, most of which are third world countries.

The Lapidot public committee, headed by former Israel Air Force Commander Amos Lapidot, was appointed to investigate the state of security in the Israel Civil Aviation Authority over a year ago. When the committee issued its findings it stated that the aviation safety in Israel is in a "catastrophic state."

Although Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz embraced the committee's findings, several months later Lapidot criticized the ministry's handling of the matter, warning that Israel faces an aerial disaster.