Barack Obama listening as Mitt Romney answers a question.
Barack Obama listening as Mitt Romney answers a question during the second presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, October 16, 2012. Photo by Reuters
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U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney face off in front of the cameras for a final time on Monday as opinion polls show their battle for the White House has tightened to a dead heat.

With 15 days to go until the Nov. 6 election, the two candidates turn to foreign policy for their third and last debate. The two candidates are tied at 46 percent each in the Reuters/Ipsos online daily tracking poll, and the debate is likely the last time either candidate will be able to directly appeal to millions of voters.


10:36 No bloodshed, no injuries, no fatalities; people may think debate was boring. (Chemi Shalev)

10:34 Debate ends. (Haaretz)

10:33 Romney: "This nation is a hope of the Earth." (Natasha Mozgovaya)

10:32 This debate ran out of steam at about the halfway point. (Chemi Shalev)

10:29 Time for closing comments. (Haaretz)

10:25 Romney doing damage control on statement that U.S. should "let them [the auto industry] go bankrupt." (Chemi Shalev)

10:23 Obama's best zinger to date: "You seem to want to import foreign policies of the 80s, social policies of the 50s, and the economic policies of the 20s." (Natasha Mozgovaya)

10:20 Has Obama gone home? (Chemi Shalev)

10:15 Romney rightly zings Obama for failing to mention Iran among worst security threats. (Chemi Shalev)

10:03 Romney: "President received letter from 38 democrat Senators asking to repair relations with Israel." Obama: no answer on this. (Natasha Mozgovaya)

10:00 Romney getting his money's worth on Obama's strained relations with Israel. (Chemi Shalev)

09:58 Schieffer very warlike: What if Israel is attacked? What if it bombed Iran? (Chemi Shalev)

09:56 Romney gets strong dig at Obama - Obama gets angry (all about Israel). (Chemi Shalev)

09:53 Obama says newspaper report that Iran, United States agreed to hold talks is "not true." (Reuters)

09:52 Obama answers Israeli criticism on NYT report: Won't allow Iran to drag out dialogue. (Chemi Shalev)

09:49 Romney says U.S. "will have Israel's back" including militarily - one step further than Obama, as is "capability" rather than actual bomb. (Chemi Shalev)

09:48 Obama warns against "premature military action" in Iran. (Natasha Mozgovaya)

09:45 Obama: "If Israel is attacked, the U.S. will stand with Israel." - What does that mean, exactly? (Chemi Shalev)

09:37 Schieffer says he wants to go back to foreign policy, then asks question about deficit. (Chemi Shalev)

09:35 Foreign policy debate turns into a debate about the economy. (Haaretz)

09:31 They've started with Israel: Romney talks "unfortunate" atmosphere, Obama replies with military cooperation. (Chemi Shalev)

09:29 Romney speaks U.S. place in the Middle East: To be able to promote peace we have to be strong." (Natasha Mozgovaya)

09:27 Given the agreement between Romney and Obama, in Israel they would be talking national unity government by now. (Chemi Shalev)

09:24 President Obama: Egyptians must honor peace treaty with Israel; this is a red line for us. (Haaretz)

09:21 Romney steps back from anything that whiffs of US military involvement - anywhere. (Chemi Shalev)

09:19 Obama on Syria: Confident Assad's days are numbered. (Natasha Mozgovaya)

09:16 Schieffer sounds as he's mixed paper with Republican talking points with prepared questions. (Chemi Shalev)

09:14 President Obama: Israel our greatest ally in the region. (Haaretz)

09:13 Romney to Obama: 'Attacking me is not agenda!' (Natasha Mozgovaya)

09:08 Obama continuing in second debate attack mode. (Chemi Shalev)

09:06 Romney speaks on the need for comprehensive strategy to confront extremism. (Natasha Mozgovaya)

09:05 Romney starts with joke that no one understand. (Chemi Shalev)

09:02 Bob Schiefferasks for quiet "because we want debate that is worthy of the presidency, of greatest country in the world. (Chemi Shalev)

09:00 Debate begins (Haaretz)