Tel Aviv Police Arrest 3 Suspects in Plan to Carry Out Terror Attack

The three matched descriptions received by police; high alert declared due to fears of suicide bomber in the city.

Tel Aviv police apprehended three people Friday night suspected of planning to carry out a terrorist attack in the city.

The three, who matched the descriptions of suspected terrorists received by security forces, were apprehended in a car at the entrance to the Tel Aviv port and were taken into custody for questioning by police.

Sappers who searched the vehicle, however, did not find any weapons or explosive devices nearby.

The car's make and model also matched the description received by authorities a few hours prior to the arrest. Police remain on high alert although it is possible the level will be lowered in the next few hours.

Security forces were deployed throughout the city after Tel Aviv District Police received information stating that a female terrorist had managed to sneak into Israel with the intention of carrying out a terrorist attack in central Tel Aviv.

Dozens of policemen combed bars and nightclubs frequented by patrons in central Tel Aviv as well as the the city's beachfront promenade for suspicious objects.

Following the alert, Central District Police erected road blocks on several traffic routes.

Due to the heightened level of alert, significant delays and traffic jams are expected as police conduct stringent searches of suspicious vehicles.

Road blocks were also erected on Route 5, which leads from Glilot to Ariel, Route 443 which connects Modi'in and Tel Aviv, and roads near Yehud and Bnei Atarot.