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One-third of Israeli children, some 777,400 in number, live in poverty-stricken families, according to statistics published on Sunday by the National Insurance Institute.

The findings are part of a report commissioned by the NII to mark Family Day, which will be observed on Tuesday.

The study finds that of the 2.1 million households in Israel, 418,000 families live below the poverty line. One-fourth of all families with children ? 238,000 ? are classified as poor families. In addition, 39,000 single-parent families are listed as poor while 44 percent of all families received a stipend from the NII.

In 2008, the number of families with children in Israel reached 994,753 which also include 2,372,515 children under the age of 18. The total amount of child allowances distributed by the state reached NIS 3.7 billion. Some 32 percent of families have one child up to and below the age of 18, 20 percent of families include three children, and four percent of families have at least five children.