Son of Palestinian Peace Activist Admits to Attempted Terror Attack

Mohanned Abu-Awwad says he was acting on behalf of Fatah, and the attack was filmed with a B'Tselem camera.

The son of prominent Palestinian peace activist confessed Thursday he participated in an attempted terror attack against Israel Defense Forces last month which was documented with a camera belonging to Human rights organization B'Tselem.

On January 21 Israel security forces arrested three West Bank Palestinians suspected of involvement with terrorist activity, one of whom was Mohanned Abu-Awwad, 21, whose father, Khaled Abu-Awwad, serves as the General Manager of the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families Forum.

The three residents of Beit Ommar, north of Hebron, were detained in a joint operation led by members of both IDF and Shin Bet units.

Mohanned was detained several hours after a failed attempt to detonate an explosive device near a gas tank at the entrance to the village.

Mohanned, who admitted he and the others were acting on behalf of a Fatah division, said that a second man who was arrested with him was documenting the attempted attack using a B'Tselem video camera, which was given to them in order to film human rights violations in the village.

In response, B'Tselem issued a statement and said that "after a strenuous investigation of the Shin Bet allegations it seems the claim that one of the suspects used a B'Tselem camera is unfounded."

"The suspects were arrested during the act, and the camera which they supposedly had at the time of the arrest was actually in the family home," the statement said.

Khaled Abu-Awwad has been known in recent years as a prominent peace activist, who advocates dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis despite the fact hat he had lost a brother to IDF fire.