Six Diagnosed With Swine Flu at Negev Summer Camp

City working with district medical adviser, told not to cancel summer activities after outbreak.

Six residents in the Negev town of Yeruham have been diagnosed with swine flu.

Most of them appear to have caught the disease after they attended a local community center summer camp, and some of those infected were camp counselors.

The Yeruham municipality has consulted with the Health Ministry and the Education Ministry about the outbreak. City officials were advised not to cancel summer camps or other summer activities.

The city is working in consultation with the district medical officer. One of those infected had other chronic medical problems and was refered to the hospital but released a short time later.

Close to 900 cases of swine flu have been reported in Israel, none of them fatal. At least 94,512 people have been infected with swine flu, according to World Health Organization data. No fewer than 429 have died from it.