Shin Bet Report: 1,017 Israelis Killed in Intifada

Since the start of the intifada in September 2000, 1,017 Israelis have been killed, 70 percent of them civilians, according to data released Monday by the Shin Bet security service. The largest number of those killed, 452, died in 2002.

In the past four years, 5,598 Israelis have been wounded, 82 percent of whom were civilians. Attacks carried out by Palestinians have included 138 suicide bombings and more than 13,000 shooting attacks. Palestinians have also fired 460 Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip in 313 salvos. In those attacks, 80 rockets fell in Gaza, and the remainder landed over the Green Line border.

During the past four years of conflict, Israel Defense Forces soldiers have arrested 6,005 terrorists, and killed a further 959.

Fence reduces attacksPart of the Shin Bet report also deals with the effects of the partially-completed West Bank separation fence.

According to the Shin Bet data, between the start of the conflict and the construction of the fence along the seam line in August 2003, there were 73 terrorist attacks in the area, in which 293 Israelis were killed, as opposed to just six attacks afterwards in which 30 Israelis were killed.

The report also credits the fall in the number of fatalities to the IDF's Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, which was launched in the wake of the suicide bombing at the Park Hotel in Netanya on the first night of Passover, in which 29 people were killed.

Arafat's terror roleThe report states that interrogations of Palestinians arrested by Israel, including Tanzim chief Marwan Barghouti, have revealed that Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat "okayed the transfer of funds to Tanzim activists in the knowledge that it would be used for attacks against Israeli civilians," and that the Palestinian Authority's armories were used to arm terrorists.

208 Israeli Arabs involved in terrorAccording to the Shin Bet, between 2000 and 2004, security forces exposed 111 Israeli Arab terror groups, 208 members, who were involved in carrying or aiding in 37 terror attacks, in which 135 Israelis were killed.

Since the start of the intifada, some 150 residents of East Jerusalem and "Jerusalem envelope" villages, who hold blue identity cards, have been arrested. The 150 individuals were involved in more than 20 terror attacks, in which 163 Israelis were killed. The report also determines that cooperation between residents of East Jerusalem, Israeli Arabs, and terror organizations is on the rise, as terror groups found it more difficult to send bombers over the Green Line.

Among those blue identity card holders involved in killing Israelis were three Palestinians who were granted citizenship based on marital ties. The three were involved in three terror attacks in which 16 Israelis were killed.

According to the report, as the intifada progressed, the role of women and children in terror attacks became institutionalized. Eight women carried out suicide bombings over the course of the past four years, while 45 women were arrested on suspicion of involvement in planning attacks or having agreed to carry out attacks.

Some 292 minors, under the age of 17, were arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity, including attempts to smuggle weapons and explosive devices across checkpoints and other places in which militants feared that adults would be caught.

Banks helped fund terrorAnother matter addressed by the IDF and Shin Bet in recent years was the funneling of money to terror groups. On February 25, 2003, the IDF confiscated more than NIS 37 million from Ramallah banks that had channeled money to terror organizations. It was suspected that the money would be used to fund Hamas and Islamic Jihad activities.

Regarding weapons-smuggling from Egypt to the Gaza Strip, the report states that some two tons of explosives, 6,700 rifles, 750 anti-tank missiles, and 33 mortar shells were found in 98 tunnels uncovered by the IDF on the Egypt-Rafah border.