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A senior figure in Hamas' military wing gave orders for an attempted terrorist attack which was thwarted by Palestinian Authority security forces at the Karni crossing last Wednesday, the Shin Bet said Sunday.

Orders for the attack were given by senior Hamas man Ahmed Randor, though the actual attack was to be carried out by the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees, the Shin Bet said.

The PRC has given no indication of giving up its violent activities despite Hamas' controversial decision to appoint a PLC member to supervise the Palestinian security forces.

Despite Hamas' committment to a cease-fire, militants from the movement have been implicated in a number of incidents of assisting the PRC in terrorist attacks.

In the incident last Wednesday, members of the PRC attempted to blow up a pick-up truck stocked with five barrels - 300 kg - of explosive materials. PA policeman noticed the truck and the five armed militants sitting in it, and stopped the vehicle for an inspection.

One of the passengers opened fire, injuring three officers in an exchange of fire before police managed to control the situation, arrest the militants and quickly destroy the explosives.

Israel Defense Forces and the PA believe that the militants had intended to blow up the wall separating the two sides of the crossing in order to burst inside and shoot to death Israel civilians. Six Israelis were killed in a similar attack in 2005.

The Karni crossing has been closed repeatedly in recent months due to military intelligence alerts of planned attacks.