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Shas MK Meshulam Nahari, who previously served as a minister without portfolio, was appointed minister in the Finance Ministry in a ceremony held in Jerusalem on Thursday.

The appointment is part of the coalition agreement between Kadima and Shas. According to the agreement between Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson and Nahari, the latter will be in charge of ministry matters pertaining to education and welfare.

The ceremony was attended by Shas ministers Eli Yishai, Ariel Atias, and Yitzhak Cohen, as well as Shas Chairman Rafael Pinchasi.

During the event, Yishai stressed that there was no connection between the appointment and the upcoming vote over the budget.

"[Shas] won't vote to approve the budget unless it is changed to meet the needs of the weaker social tiers," Yishai said.

Nahari promised, "I will remain the same person. A leader needs to know what is good for the public and promote the general good."