Settlers Attack Left-wing Activists in the West Bank, Injure Two

Seven members from the left group Tayush visited near the settlement of Susiya in southern Hebron Hills.

A group of settlers attacked left-wing activists in the Susiya region in the southern Hebron Hills, leaving two lightly injured.

Seven activists from the left-wing organization Tayush visited the area Saturday morning in an effort to document human rights violations against local Palestinians by Israeli settlers.

The activists' main focus during the trip was the expansion of security zones in Susiya which are off-limits to Palestinians despite the fact that the zone extends into privately-owned land.

A member of the group, filmmaker Ra'anan Alechsandrovic, was attacked by an armed settler after attempting to videotape settlers throwing an object into a nearby well.

"He covered his face with his shirt and approached me," Alechsandrovic said. "As soon as he got close to me, he struck me in the head with the butt of his rifle."

"I fell to the floor and he tried to take my camera," he said.

The event was filmed by director Nissim Mosek, however, as settlers noticed him recording, they attacked and managed to confiscate his camera.

"They took my walking stick, knocked me down and broke the stick over my head," said Ezra Navi, a well-known veteran peace activist who was at the scene. Settlers also punctured the tires on Navi's vehicle.

"They were very violent and they used shepherd's sticks," said another member of the group of activists, Professor David Schulman. The activists said that the attackers fled the scene before Israel Defense Forces soldiers arrived at the scene.

Navi and Alechsandrovich required medical care for their injuries. Tayush submitted a complaint to Hebron police over the incident.