Settler Leader: Hebron Evacuation Will Be Met With Force Greater Than Amona

Rightists plan mass rally Tuesday at House of Contention to protest its residents' removal.

Daniela Weiss, a prominent settler leader and former head of the Kedumim council, said on Monday that activists would resist attempts to evacuate Hebron's House of Contention with force much greater than ever used in the past.

"We will not be like Gush Katif and we will not hug," Weiss told Army Radio. "We will resist the evacuation of the 'House of Peace' with great force, much greater than what we did in Amona." Weiss stressed that those who oppose the evacuation "are not Christians who turn the other cheek."

Right-wing activists on Monday announced plans to hold a mass march to the House of Contention - as on Tuesday in an effort to block its evacuation.

MK Zevulun Orlev (National Union - National Religious Party) visited the Hebron house on Monday morning and said that despite the High Court ruling to evacuate the site, the state is entitled to use its judgment and not vacate the house of its Jewish residents. "It is clear to anyone familiar with the data that the High Court ruling is a political decision," said Orlev. He called on the public to descend on the site en masse in order to "protest the injustice using non-violent means."

This past weekend, thousands of settlers were to attend a pilgrimage in Hebron to commemorate the death of the Matriarch Sarah, whom the Bible says was buried in the city.

Angry settlers last Thursday attacked Israel Defense Forces soldiers, vandalized Palestinian property and scrawled "Mohammed is a pig" on a local mosque after the High Court of Justice ruled that the house must be cleared of its Jewish residents until another court decides whether Jews or Palestinians are the legal owners.