Rosner's Domain: March 2008

Drive slowly27/03/08

Obama: I disagree with aide who blamed 'NY, Miami' for failed peace talks25/03/08

Jewish Democrats: Half pro-Clinton, half pro-Obama25/03/08

U.S. Jewish movement embraces mixed marriages, reaches out to kids24/03/08

U.S. gov't to appeal ruling on classified material in AIPAC trial21/03/08

Pressure? What are you talking about?20/03/08

Pressure? What are you talking about?18/03/08

Obama asked to explain after his minister 'damns' America16/03/08

If you marry them, you have a better chance of keeping them14/03/08

The three whiners13/03/08

Israeli leadership: A mixture of paranoia and luck10/03/08

Study: Boston's intermarried 'as observant' as Reform Jews09/03/08

Whose Jerusalem is it, anyway?07/03/08

Those who left Hillary for dead, get ready for a long fight06/03/08

What does the American voter want?06/03/08

Americans have a favorable view of Israel, especially Republicans05/03/08

Study: Young American Jews are not alienated from Israel04/03/08

Mock debate deceives Cleveland Jewish voters03/03/08

Obama's top adviser says does not believe in imposing a peace settlement03/03/08

Hillary Clinton comes out swinging as Ohio primary nears02/03/08