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A group of right-wing students announced Saturday that they will launch a hunger strike on Sunday in protest of the disengagement plan.

The move was initiated by the Orange Cell, a student group operating in different universities and colleges across the country.

According to their plan, the students will erect a protest tent opposite Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's office in Jerusalem. At 2 P.M. they will hold a meal, after which they will start the hunger strike.

"We want to create public debate. We don't want people to talk about compensation or the Nitzanim dunes, but about the actual plan," Ronen Shoval, the spokesman for the student cell, said.

"We understand the logic of 'land for peace principle' , but [the principle of] land for terrorism is illogical," Shoval said.

He said that the students were preparing for a long stay on the site.