Report: Palestinians Find 95 Bodies in Rubble of Battle-torn Gaza

Palestinian news agency: Medics find 'most horrifying scenes'; Palestinian said killed by IDF in Gaza.

The Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported on Sunday that 95 bodies have been found amid the rubble of the battle-torn northern Gaza Strip.

Hamas police said the bodies, mostly of militants, have been found so far in the area, including at least 20 believed to be those of gunmen killed in combat.

According to Ma'an, Palestinian medical crews reported coming across "the most horrifying scenes."


25 bodies were found by a family who had returned north to the Jabalya district to find their home demolished, the news agency said. They discovered the bodies in the rubble.

Many of the dead were women and children, according to Ma'an, who stayed in their homes during the clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants during Israel's 22-day offensive against Hamas.

Ma'an put the Palestinian death toll at 1,234 with more than 5,450 wounded. Thirteen Israelis have been killed during the offensive, three civilians and ten soldiers.

Medics: Palestinian killed by IDF in Gaza, first death since cease-fire began

The Israel Defense Forces killed a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, medical workers said, the first reported fatality on either side since a unilateral cease-fire declared by Israel went into effect at 2 A.M. local time.

The Palestinian was slain in an area where militants had fired mortar bombs in defiance of a unilateral Israeli cease-fire, according to the medical workers.

They reported that he was killed near the Gaza town of Khan Yunis, and identified the man as a civilian.

In another incident after the truce went into effect, militants fired small arms at an infantry patrol in the northern Gaza Strip.

The troops returned fire and hit the group of gunmen, the army said, also directing artillery and aircraft to strike back.

None of the soldiers were wounded in the gunfight.

An IDF spokesman said that the troops opened fire according to the rules of engagement, and vowed that any assault on soldiers in Gaza would meet with a harsh response.

The clash came after a Hamas official said late Saturday that it reserves the right to continue resisting Israel "with all means" if Jerusalem does not follow up its ceasefire with a withdrawal from Gaza and lifting the blockade on the territory.

At least seven Grad rockets, meanwhile, were fired from the Gaza Strop into southern Israel shortly after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's announcement of the unilateral cease-fire. Gaza militants fired another seven rockets into Israel later Sunday morning, causing no casualties.