Report: Iran Worried Over Syrian Air Defense Failure in IAF Strike

Aviation Week reports IAF used electronic device to jam radars during strike on Syrian target last month.

Iran is concerned over the failure of Syria's air defense systems to detect the Israel Air Force non-stealth aircraft that reportedly carried out an attack inside Syria last month, the American weekly Aviation Week reported on its Web site on Wednesday.

According to the report, Israel was able to disrupt Syria's radar and air defense systems and render them ineffective during the IAF strike. The Web site reported that Israel used an electronic device, installed in a plane that circled the area, to disrupt Syria's defenses.

The weekly maintained that Iran is especially concerned over the failure of Syria's Russian-made radar systems. Iran has used similar systems in the past, and is slated to purchase more radar equipment in a future deal worth $750 million. This equipment is apparently designated to protect Iran's nuclear facilities against attacks from the air.

According to the report, Israel used highly advanced equipment to jam Syria's defenses, similar to the equipment used in the U.S., which can completely black out a radar system, thus neutralizing the defense missile systems which rely on it.

The Web site added that since the IAF attack in Syria, many experts around the world have speculated on the reasons behind the fact that Syria's defenses failed to detect the Israeli planes and prevent the attack.

The publication also said that the technology used to disrupt the Syrian defenses had the capability to misinform the targeted radar system and create a false reading, thus diverting attention from the actual aircraft. The Web site did not name the kind of technology it was referring to, nor did it attest to the quality of its performance.

In 1982, during the war in Lebanon, Israel operated what was then considered the cutting edge of electronic equipment to disrupt and misinform Lebanese defenses. This equipment facilitated the Israeli attack on Syrian air defense batteries in Lebanon.