Report: Iran Says It Has Uncovered Spy Ring for Israel

Iran said Sunday its intelligence services have uncovered a spy ring that collected intelligence information for Israel, according to a report by Israel Radio's Persian language program.

Israel Radio said that eight Iranian citizens have been arrested on suspicion of connection with the alleged spy ring.

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the affair was serious, but did not disclose whether or not those arrested are Jewish.

Former Iranian Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian is slated to release more details at a later date.

In 1999, Iran indicted 13 of its citizens, most of them Jewish, on charges they were part of an Israeli spy ring. They were tried in a closed Islamic court in 2000, and 10 were handed prison terms.

The last of the ten were released before the completion of their prison terms, following intense pressure and widespread condemnation from human rights groups and Western governments.