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Israel has issued a warning to all Israel Defense Forces reserves officers outside the country, urging them to return to Israel at once for fear that they may be targeted by Hezbollah, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida reported Tuesday.

The Kuwaiti daily quoted Israeli sources as saying that the defense establishment was concerned that IDF officers abroad would be targeted by the Lebanese militia as an act of revenge for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, the guerilla group's operations commander, who was killed in a car bombing in Damascus in February. Hezbollah blames Israel for the assassination, despite persistent denials of any Israeli involvement.

The officers in question are formerly senior military officials who currently conduct business in different countries around the world, among them Arab countries and even Muslim countries with no official ties to Israel.

Similarly, security sources said on Monday that Israel was preparing for various possibilities, including a hit on an Israeli embassy overseas, the murder of a senior Israeli incumbent or retired official overseas, an attempt to abduct Israeli businesspeople overseas by some sting operation and even an attack on the northern border.

Hezbollah sources have been threatening recently that the revenge for Mughniyeh's death will come as a terror attack in Israel. "The coming days will show that the resistance can reach into the heart of the Zionist entity, as it did during the July 2006 war," the Qatar-based Al-Arab newspaper cited Hezbollah sources in Sunday's paper.

The sources said the revenge act's impact would equal that of the assassination, which implies that the organization intends to target senior Israeli figures.

Senior Hezbollah figures have made similar statements in the past about avenging Mughniyeh's death.

Israeli officials confirmed that the organization was working in several ways against Israel and targeting Israeli sites and citizens around the world.