Report: Hezbollah Replenishes Half of Missile Stock With Iran's Help

Time Magazine says group may have replenished 20,000 short-range missiles, its pre-war supply.

Time Magazine has reported that Saudi and Israeli intelligence sources believe that with Iran's assistance, Hezbollah has succeeded in replenishing about half of its pre-war stockpiles of short-range missiles and small arms.

According to the report, Western diplomats in Beirut say the extent weapons-smuggling is even greater, with Hezbollah restoring about 20,000 short-range missiles to date - an amount similar to the organization's stockpiles before the Lebanon war.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers have been operating out of a secret military base outside Damascus, Time claims, where the weapon shipments from Iran are received. Trucks then transfer the weapons to Lebanon.

A Hezbollah spokesman told the magazine that the organizations has "more than enough weapons if Israel tries to attack us again."

Nawaf Obaid, a Saudi security advisor, told Time the Iran was using its embassies in Damascus and Beirut as command and control centers through which direct orders are conveyed to Hezbollah guerrillas.