Report: German Passport Tied to Dubai Hit Wasn`t Forged

Der Spiegel: One of the names tied to Mabhouh killing was legally issued German passport in 2008.

German intelligence services investigating the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai have found that one of the suspected members of the assassination team carried a genuine German passport, according to reports Saturday in German media outlets, including Der Speigel.

According to the findings of German federal investigators, in June 2008 an Israeli man named Michael Bodenheimer - who shares the name of an Israeli whose identity was used in the Dubai operation - came to immigration officials in Cologne with the pre-World War II address of his grandparents. Bodenheimer acquired German citizenship on the basis of this data.

After his name was listed as one of the suspected members of the Dubai assassination squad, Bodenheimer, who lives in Bnei Brak and is of American origin, said that he did not know how his identity was stolen.

Dubai authorities have said 11 European-passport holders were involved in the assassination, and last week published their names and photographs. The list included six people with British passports, three with Irish passports, and one each from France and Germany.

Bodenheimer, who immigrated to Israel from the United States more than 20 years ago, studies at a kollel, a yeshiva for married men. He said he was astounded to see the UAE list contained his name, supposedly belonging to a German citizen.

"At first we didn't understand what everyone was talking about," Bodenheimer's daughter said. "The picture that was published doesn't look like him at all. He busies himself with Torah study," she said, adding that he holds no citizenship other than Israeli and American.