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Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider, who died last weekend in a fatal car accident was seen partying at a well-known gay nightclub just before his death, according to German media reports.

The leader of the nationalist Alliance for the Future of Austria crashed his car early last Saturday after driving at twice the permitted speed limit, in a high state of intoxication.

According to a report by the German-language newspaper Bild, Haider's evening began with a surprise appearance at the launch party of a new Austrian tabloid, where he was photographed in the company of a young local woman.

At the same party, Haider, 58, gave what would become his last interview, speaking to a reporter about his passion for Italian wine, among other things.

However, contrary to previous reports, the evening of the charismatic leader did not end there. Before heading home, Haider made a quick visit to Stadtkraeme, a local club famous for its gay night scene.

Haider was spotted leaving the place on his own shortly before 1 A.M., fatally crashing his car half an hour later.