Rehovot Woman Allegedly Raped by Masked Intruder in Front of Her Kids

Police combing area for suspect who broke into woman's house, believe attacker may have known victim.

Rehovot police were searching Monday for a masked intruder who allegedly broke into a woman's apartment overnight raped her in front of her children.

The 33-year-woman called police after the suspect allegedly fled her apartment following the rape.

Police believe that the suspect broke into the woman's third floor apartment through an open window and entered her bedroom. The suspect allegedly proceeded to beat and threaten the woman while raping her.

The victim told investigators that her children, aged 3 and 6, awoke from the commotion and entered her bedroom in the middle of the attack. She said the rapist then threatened the children and demanded they return to their bedrooms.

The woman told police that she could not identify the rapist because of his mask. Rehovot police are combing the area and have not ruled out the possibility that the rapist may have known the victim beforehand.