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The prosecution told the Tel Aviv district court Tuesday that it opposes former President Moshe Katsav's request for an additional hearing over his indictment for rape and other sexual offenses.

"After the state holds a thorough hearing, as it did in [Katsav's] case, the state is not obliged to hold another hearing," the prosecutors argued.

The prosecutors also said that there is no foundation to Katsav's claims that there are substantial differences between the original indictment, which was the topic of the previous hearing, and the amended indictment.

In response to Katsav's allegation that he has not had an opportunity to dispute the investigative material collected after the previous hearing, the prosecution said that the additions to the indictment were negligible and dealt for the most part with information discussed in the hearing.

The prosecution countered Katsav's argument that the current prosecutors are not the ones the submitted the current indictment by noting that both indictment were submitted by the same attorney general.

Katsav submitted his request for a new hearing last week instead of responding to the indictment. In response, the court said that it would treat Katsav's response to the original indictment as his response to the current one.