Prof. Charged With Incitement to Violence for Comments on Gay Pride Parade

Hillel Weiss called for 2005 Jerusalem parade to be stopped 'by any means,' 2 weeks before marcher stabbed.

Outspoken Bar-Ilan University Professor Hillel Weiss was indicted on Wednesday for incitement to violence, and for threatening and insulting a civil servant.

Two weeks before the 2005 Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem, Weiss said in an interview that "this abomination should be expelled from the Holy City by any means necessary."

Violent protests then erupted at the site the parade, during which one marcher was stabbed.

In another incident, Weiss was last year filmed verbally abusing Israel Defense Forces Hebron Division commander Colonel Yehuda Fuchs during the forced evacuation of settlers in the local market.

Weiss was filmed telling him: "We will bring you to justice just like in Nuremberg. We will kill you and hang you from a high tree for everyone to see. I hope your mother will be bereaved, your wife a widow and your children orphans."

Weiss, in turn, said he is being persecuted. He told Israel Radio on Wednesday that he did not even speak to the Hebron Division commander.

"You can listen to the original tape in many places and hear exactly what I said," he said. "The media edited and distorted it to hassle me. I have no intention of apologizing. I already apologized last year."

However, he adhered to his statement prior to the 2005 parade, adding that "this is a war waged by the 'Israelists' against the Jewish people in order to eradicate and desecrate it, and the result is the expulsion of the Jewish people from the Promised Land, like the Torah says."

Weiss is the chairman of the Sanhedrin organization, which does not recognize the jurisdiction of the Israeli courts.

"There are 'Israelists' who have taken over what is called the state," he argues. "Every day they propagate blood libels against settlers. Courts are ephemeral, whereas the Torah is everlasting."