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Prime Minister's Son Places Third at International Bible Contest

Avner Netanyahu finished behind winner Or Asuel from Kfar Sava and runner-up Elad Nachshon.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's son Avner finished in third place at the 2010 International Bible Contest, placing behind winner Or Asuel from Kfar Sava and runner-up Elad Nachshon from Rehovot.

The Prime Minister and his wife applauded for their son throughout the course of the competition.

"I was very excited together with my wife for our son," Netanyahu said. "It's only natural. And I was very impressed by Or, Elad and all the other contestants."

Avner Netanyahu answered the first two questions correctly but erred on the third question - the Prime Minister's question asked by his father, but which due to the circumstances was written by contest moderator Neria Pinchas.

During the contest, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar announced that the adult international bible contest would be revived and held during Hannukah, for the first time in 30 years.

"As Ben Gurion said, the basis of our existence is the bible," Netanyahu said.