Poll: Kadima Remains Steady, Rise in Undecided Voters

Kadima static on 37 seats, Labor polls 20 and Likud 16; undecided voters leave 28 seats up for grabs.

With two weeks to go until the elections, the latest Haaretz-Channel 10 poll shows the number of undecided voters increasing this week, while the three major parties remain more or less steady.

The "undecideds" leave a total of 28 seats up for grabs, compared to 24 seats last week, Kadima remains on 37 seats, while Labor goes up by one seat to 20 and Likud drops from 17 to 16.

Some 615 people took part in the Dialog poll, conducted under the supervision of Professor Camille Fuchs from Tel Aviv University. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percent.

Other parties also registered minors changes: Meretz rose from four to five seats, Yisrael Beiteinu also increased from eight to 10 seats, and National Union lost two seats, to stand at eight.

According to the poll, Kadima is heading for a sure-fire victory. The rightist bloc, which includes the Orthodox and right-wing parties, cannot seem to rise above 50 Knesset seats, while the leftist bloc, including Labor, Meretz and the Arab parties, seems fixed at 30 seats.

The poll seems to point to Kadima as the only party with the power to establish a stable, functioning coalition.

The survey was conducted during the IDF's operation in Jericho, and it is difficult to estimate whether or not this had an effect on the result.

The polling ended at around the same time as the military operation, so most participants could not have known of the successful outcome for the IDF.