Policeman: Terrorist Reached for the Bomb and I Shot Him

Police Commissioner Cohen says officer who killed Dimona terrorist will receive commendation, promotion.

"The terrorist moved his hand and I fired at him," said Police Commander Kobi Mor, head of the police 'Magen' unit, who shot and killed one of the two terrorists who perpetrated the bombing attack in Dimona.

Magen was recently formed to help stop narcotics smuggling from Egypt. Mor was engaged in routine duty on Monday when he was summoned to Dimona. "I left for Dimona and alerted the rest of the team," Mor, 34, told Haaretz. "We ran towards the Dimona commercial center, where one of the citizens told me there was a live terrorist."

"I took cover and could see the terrorist moving his hand towards the bomb... There were body parts in the area. I fired at the terrorist along with a second policeman. After we ceased fire I could see his hand moving and I thought that he was trying to detonate the bomb. I kneeled down and shot his head." said Commander Mor.

Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen said Monday that Mor would receive a citation of honor and be promoted to superintendent.