Police Want Charges Against Attorney Who Slapped MK Over Nazi Slur

Yohanan Danino recommends Attorney Amnon de Hartog stand trial for slapping MK Yaakov Cohen (United Torah Judaism) in Knesset in July.

Police investigations and intelligence chief Yohanan Danino on Monday recommended Attorney Amnon de Hartog stand trial for slapping MK Yaakov Cohen (United Torah Judaism) in the Knesset in July.

De Hartog, who headed the Justice Ministry's department of support of funding, took a leave of absence after he was censured and barred permanently from the Knesset following the incident.

The incident occurred in the hallway after a Knesset Education Committee session, when Cohen told De Hartog he was "more evil and terrible than the Nazis" for opposing budgets for ultra-Orthodox schools.

"The Germans killed the body, you are killing the soul," Cohen said to him.

Hartog was released subject to strict conditions after being questioned by police over the incident, and Cohen was examined by a neurologist.

In an interview with Channel 1 television, Hartog apologized to Cohen and said his harsh response was prompted by the fact his parents were Holocaust refugees. He also cited what he called an "incitement campaign" against him. Both Shas and UTJ condemned Hartog for his actions.

In addition, studies were suspended at the schools of the Gur Hasidic sect, which Cohen represents; students chanted Psalms to "avert the decrees" against Hasidism.

Hartog's removal from the Knesset benefited United Torah Judaism, who had long tagged him an enemy to the ultra-Orthodox movement.

"Hartog attempted to expel the Haredim from Israeli society as if we were Darfur refugees, to keep us from receiving the bare minimum. The slap demonstrates the hate he has accumulated, merely because we tell him to his face what we think about his tricky tactics," MK Avraham Ravitz (UTJ) said.

"The master doesn't like it when the Jewboy tells him to his face what he thinks about him."