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Police said Tuesday that there is sufficient evidence to indict Justice Minister Haim Ramon for sexual harassment of a government worker last month.

Police sources told Haaretz that the evidence allegedly indicates that Ramon forcibly kissed the woman employee at her leaving party in the Kiriya, the Defense Ministry compound in Tel Aviv.

According to the sources, the interrogation against Ramon has been completed.

Last week, police organized a meeting between the minister and the complainant via videoconference, as the woman had already left for a trip in Central America and refused to return to Israel for interrogation.

Ramon's interrogators speculated last week that an indictment may be served against the minister.

The complainant's testimony struck detectives as reliable and consistent and they could not identify ulterior motives for her decision to make such serious accusations against Ramon.

A senior police source said, "The investigative team must prove the existence of the situation in which two people - Ramon and the young woman - were alone. In addition, it also must be determined whether the incident falls under the law regarding harassment."