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Air-raid sirens sounded in northern Israel on Wednesday warning of incoming rockets from Lebanon, but the military said it was a false alarm.

The alarms went off in the town of Kiryat Shmona, three kilometers (two miles) from the Lebanese border. Police teams swept the area but within hours, the military confirmed that no rockets had been fired.

In Lebanon, security officials said no rockets were fired from the country into Israel.

Two Kiryat Shmona residents were treated for shock following the siren.

Militants in Lebanon have launched rockets into Israel on several occasions in recent months, and Lebanese forces have foiled several more attempts.

A rocket fired from Lebanon struck northern Israel on February 20, lightly wounding three people and prompting Israel to respond with a brief artillery barrage.

The Katyusha landed near a home in an Arab-Israeli town in the Galilee, damaging it. In addition to wounding three members of the Machimar family, the explosion sent two others into shock. Israel retaliated by firing at least six artillery shells into southern Lebanon, causing no injuries.

Two other incidents of rocket fire occurred during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, which ended in January. Since the end of the Second Lebanon War, there have been five incidents of Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel.