Police on Alert Due to 50 New Year's Terror Warnings

Roadblocks erected in Jerusalem area, police deploy in entertainment spots across the country.

The police has beefed up its presence across the country due to 50 terror warnings, 10 of them specific alerts, Israel Radio reported Saturday morning.

Police were concentrating efforts in the Jerusalem area, where they erected roadblocks along the seam line and increased security at the entrance to the capital, the radio said.

Ahead of New Year's Eve celebrations, policemen have deployed in crowded locations and entertainment spots across the country.

A suicide bomber who killed an Israel Defense Forces officer and two Palestinians at an army checkpoint near Tul Karm earlier this week was apparently planning to blow himself up at one of the many children's events taking place in Tel Aviv during this week's Hanukkah holiday, according to army sources.

Had the bomber not been stopped at the checkpoint, the attack would have been far more deadly, said

Earlier this month five people were killed and dozens were injured in a suicide bombing at Hasharon shopping mall in Netanya.

In addition, some 1,000 traffic policemen will be deployed in the country's roads to monitor drunk drivers and drivers exceeding the speed limit ahead of New Year's parties.

For this purpose some 20 stations for checking blood alcohol levels will be erected across the country and undercover police detectives will operate in bars and clubs to follow drunk drivers.