Palestinian Girl Killed by Explosion in Jabalya Refugee Camp

Three militants said killed by IDF tank south of Rafah; 11 Palestinians killed in IDF operations in Gaza Strip's Khan Yunis and Rafah.

A ten-year-old Palestinian girl was killed Saturday when an explosion ripped through her home in the Jabalya refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip, hospital officials said.

Residents said Ibtihal Abu Daher was killed when a Palestinian rocket inadvertently hit her house. Her 11-year old brother Ihab was also wounded in the explosion.

The Israel Defense Forces said there were no troops in the area at the time. Militants often fire homemade Qassam rockets and mortar shells from the camp into southern Israel.

The Israel Air Force fired in Khan Yunis refugee camp in Gaza Friday night. There were no casualties caused as a result of the incident.

A military spokesperson said the aircraft had fired the missile as a warning, and it landed in an open field.

A mortar shell which militants fired Saturday evening landed in Palestinian territory in the northern West Bank.

In response to three Qassam rockets that landed in the western Negev town of Sderot, the IDF redeployed troops late Friday near the northern Gaza Strip site of the rocket launchings.

The IDF has said it may renew operations in the area over the weekend, after sporadic fighting had continued throughout the week in Gaza as the army launched raids aimed at halting the rocket fire on southern Israeli towns.

An additional Qassam rocket landed in the western Negev on Saturday, Israel Radio reported. No injuries or damages resulted from the incident.

Militants fired a mortar shell Friday night, which landed in an open field near an military base in the northern Gaza Strip. No casualties or damage were caused.

Four mortar shells were also fired at the Gush Katif settlement bloc in southern Gaza, according to Israel Radio. No injuries or damage was reported.

Palestinians also shot at an IDF outpost in southern Gaza on Friday night, again causing no casualties or damage.

Four Qassams land in the NegevPalestinian militants fired four Qassams at towns in the western Negev on Friday, three of which landed in the southern town of Sderot. There were no casualties in any of the incidents.

On Friday evening, a rocket landed in one of the city's commercial districts, causing extensive damage to a building. Earlier, another rocket had landed in a nearby field, causing no damage.

Palestinians on Friday afternoon fired two Qassam rockets at the town, one of which hit a residential neighborhood. But the "Red Dawn" early-warning system gave Sderot residents a 30-second warning before the rockets hit the town.

IDF says three militants killed The army said it had killed three militants Friday near the Philadelphi Route, close to Rafah, on the Egyptian border, in addition to 11 other Palestinians killed since Thursday.

According to military sources, the three men were planting an explosive device when they were spotted, but Palestinian sources say the men who were killed were unarmed.

The army says it believes the militants were killed by a shell fired by an IDF tank.

Palestinians said that one of those killed was a 19-year-old teen from Rafah but the army has not confirmed this.

IDF kills eleven Palestinians Eleven Palestinians - nine armed militants and two civilians - were killed Thursday and Friday during IDF operations in the Gaza Strip. Ten of the casualties were in Khan Yunis, where the army is operating to halt mortar and rocket attacks on nearby settlements. One other Palestinian was killed in Rafah.

Two Palestinian militants were killed early Friday when an Israel Air Force aircraft fired a missile near Khan Yunis' refugee camp, witnesses said.

The IDF confirmed the air force had opened fire on two Palestinians it said were spotted placing bombs in Khan Yunis and that both targets were hit.

Later Friday, IDF troops fired at three Palestinians carrying an anti-tank rocket and a rocket launcher near the Gaza settlement of Kfar Darom, Israel Radio reported. At least two of the militants were hit by the gunfire.

The civilian killed by IDF gunfire on Thursday was mentally disabled. At least six other Palestinians were wounded in the raid.

In the southern Gaza town of Rafah, a 16-year-old boy died of wounds sustained by IDF gunfire Thursday. The IDF said it had fired at three Palestinians placing explosives.

In the West Bank, an IDF soldier shot two militants in Nablus on Friday, the army said. An Israeli source said one of the militants was killed and the other wounded.

Meanwhile, an IDF soldier was killed and another suffered severe injuries Thursday night when their armored Sufa jeep overturned while on patrol in the Gush Katif settlement bloc in the Gaza Strip, Israel Radio reported early Friday.

Palestinians fired two Qassam rockets at a southern Gaza settlement Friday, damaging a hothouse. Two mortar shells also hit Gaza settlements in the north and center of the Strip. There were no injuries in any of the incidents.

Three Givati Brigade infantry soldiers were lightly wounded in the Khan Yunis fighting, and a 16-year-old Israeli girl was also lightly wounded when a Palestinian rocket hit the Gush Katif settlement of Tel Katifa.

Soldiers entered the northern part of Khan Yunis before dawn Thursday and encountered relatively fierce Palestinian resistance, which included light-arms fire, anti-tank missiles and bombs.

Two of the three wounded soldiers were injured by shrapnel from a Palestinian anti-tank missile. The third was hurt when a bullet exploded inside his rifle.

Palestinian sources identified three of the seven who were killed as Hamas operatives - Yiyhe Abu Bakra, 33; Shadi Khaider, 22; and Mohammed Abu Said, 18 - and two as Fatah operatives: Amar Amar, 20; and Osama Tuman, 22. According to the IDF, Abu Bakra was one of the leaders of Hamas in Khan Yunis.