PA Soccer Team: No-show at Qualifier Due to Gaza Travel Ban

Palestinian Football Association not permitted to travel through Rafah from Gaza to Egypt to reach Singapore match.

The head of the Palestinian Football Association said his national team's no-show at an Asian Cup qualifier against hosts Singapore on Wednesday was due to Israel's refusal to allow players to travel from Gaza.

Ahmed al-Afifi said the fixture had to be canceled because players could not travel through the Rafah crossing from Gaza to Egypt.

He said Israel had also refused to allow team members to take an alternative route via Israel and the occupied West Bank to Jordan for their onward journey to Singapore. They had planned to travel to Singapore on November 12.

The Israel Defense Forces said it was checking Afifi's statements.

Afifi said the Palestinian FA had appealed to world soccer's governing body, FIFA, which he had urged to reschedule the match.

"Israel has refused to allow the team to pass through the Erez Crossing to travel to Jordan and from there to Singapore but FIFA insisted that the game must be held on time," Afifi told reporters in Gaza.

The Rafah crossing with Egypt has been closed intermittently since June 25 after Palestinian militants killed two IDF soldiers and abducted another in a cross-border attack from Gaza.

Palestinian national team captain Saeb Jundeya said he was disappointed.

"I had assured all my neighbors and people who asked me whether the game would be held on time that we would travel, but today I have to tell them that we were unable to make it because the occupation [Israel] did not allow it," he said.

Neither Singapore nor Palestine - the name FIFA gives the Palestinian team - can qualify for next year's finals as Iraq and 2004 Asian Cup hosts China have already guaranteed their places.

The 2007 Asian Cup will be co-hosted by Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia from July 7-29.