Olmert Says Ready for 'Painful and Divisive' Concessions for Peace

Olmert says Israel should not wait too long to implement convergence plan, will meet with Blair in London on Monday.

Prime Minister Olmert told Sky News on Saturday that he was ready to make "painful and divisive" concessions in the quest for peace with the Palestinians.

He went on to say that Israel should not wait too long to implement a plan to set its borders unilaterally if negotiations with the Palestinians make no progress.

But if the Palestinians would not meet requirements set out in an internationally-backed "road map" to peace, "then I will try to move with the collaboration and advice of many other countries, not alone, towards changing the status quo in the Middle East," he said.

Olmert is due to holds talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London on Monday as he seeks European support for his proposals to define Israel's borders unilaterally if peace talks with the Palestinians are not revived.

If conditions did not permit negotiations, Olmert said he wanted to do something to move things forward.

"I don't think that we should wait too much," he said.

"I think that we should wait as long as is needed to give the power to Abu Mazen [Abbas] to impose his philosophy...," he said. He would not give a date for putting his plan into action.