Nine IDF Troops Wounded, Four Seriously, in Gaza Fighting

5 Givati troops hurt by anti-tank missile, 4 paratroopers hurt in suspected friendly-fire incident.

Five soldiers from the Givati infantry brigade were wounded on Saturday when they were hit by an anti-tank missile fired by militants in the Gaza Strip.

One of the soldiers was seriously wounded, two were moderately hurt, and three lightly wounded in the incident.

Also on Saturday, two Israel Defense Forces officers and two IDF enlisted men were seriously wounded during fighting in the northern Gaza Strip.

The wounded, all of whom were from the Paratroopers' Brigade, received medical treatment at the scene, before they were evacuated by helicopter to hospitals in the South of Israel.

The IDF is currently checking the circumstances the incident, and weighing the possibility that it was another case of friendly fire. If the four wounded troops were in fact hit by friendly fire, it would represent the fourth such incident since Operation Cast Lead began on December 27.

In the last reported incident of friendly fire, four IDF troops were killed and around thirty wounded.

Also, the Israel Air Force continued overnight to strike targets in the Gaza Strip, hitting around 70 tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border used for arms smuggling.