Netanyahu: Gazans Want to Overthrow Hamas

Speaking in Jerusalem, the prime minister says the only gaining nukes can halt the dwindling of radical Islam.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that the Palestinian residents of Gaza wanted to replace the current Hamas government, and that they will eventually be successful, Army Radio reported.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony in Jerusalem's National Security College, Netanyahu said "If the Palestinians in Gaza had the power to overthrow the government, they would. And I tell you, they will have that power."

Netanyahu also addressed the recently publicized law of Gaza that requires female attorneys to don head coverings in court, saying that "the fact that the Hamas government is forcing women to wear head coverings is not making the organization popular among Palestinians."

The prime minister warned against extreme Islamists gaining nuclear weapons, saying that the desire for nuclear weapons stems from the fact that the religious fanatics are losing power. "The only thing that can slow the dwindling of the radical Islam is if it obtains nuclear weapons, and that understanding is becoming prevalent among world leaders," he declared.

"The extremist religious approach will be defeated by the global information revolution," Netanyahu speculated. "It won't happen immediately, but it will happen. Nuclear arms are the only thing that can prevent it."

In his speech, Netanyahu emphasized the importance of the demilitarization of any future Palestinian state. "No one wants to repeat the outcome of what happened in Gaza and in southern Lebanon, where terror groups have taken over every territory evacuated by Israel. We know what happened in the north and in the south, and heaven forbid this should happen in the center as well," Netanyahu said.

"The true test with the Palestinian Authority is whether we can help them advance toward the direction of Dubai, or they will regress toward the direction of Gaza," the prime minister addressed the importance of economically developing the Palestinian Authority. "I'm not saying that they can become Dubai tomorrow or the next day, but they are headed in that direction."