fire - Yaron Kaminsky - December 6 2010
House in Isfiya, next to the trash dump. Photo by Yaron Kaminsky
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Israeli firefighters on Wednesday extinguished a small fire in an illegal garbage dump in the northern town of Isfiya, the same place where the deadly Carmel forest fire was allegedly sparked three weeks ago. Firefighters believe that Wednesday's blaze was the result of arson.

Two firefighter trucks were dispatched to the site on Wednesday and succeeded to extinguish the burning trash before it spread to the nearby pine forest.

The Carmel wildfire, considered the worst forest fire in Israel's history, devastated large swathes of land in northern Israel and killed 44 people. That fire too, is believed to have been started at a dump in Isfiya.

Earlier Wednesday, State comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss announced that he intended to deviate from regular procedure and to expedite an investigative report about the Carmel fire.