Snow on Mount Hermon, Dec 13, 2010.
Snow on Mount Hermon, Dec. 13, 2010. Photo by Yaron Kaminsky
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Snow fell on Mount Hermon Wednesday night, and measurements Thursday showed 70 centimeters of snow on the famed Israeli peak. 150 centimeters of snow were measured by the Hermon's upper cable car.

The skiing hotspot is scheduled to open to visitors over the weekend, and more snow is expected later Thursday.

Snow has also reportedly fallen in other parts of the Golan region, however, the snowfall was not serious enough to warrant cancellation of classes at local schools. The snow is expected to continue in both the north as well as other central hills later Thursday.

Jerusalem residents were disappointed Thursday morning to find that the northern snowfall did not reach the capital. Alas, Jerusalem residents were left to brave low temperatures and wind-chill, minus the predicted snow.

Light snowfall has, however, been forecasted in Jerusalem later Thursday, so residents may just get their long-anticipated city-in-white.

Stormy weather was reported throughout the country, leading to heavy traffic and several accidents on the roads.

Heavy rains fell throughout central and south Israel, and storms are expected to persist through the weekend. On Saturday, the weather is expected to abate, with light local showers on the forecast.