Rabbi Yehuda Amital
Rabbi Yehuda Amital Photo by Archive
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Rabbi Yehuda Amital, a former minister and founder of the Meimad movement, died Thursday night in his home in Jerusalem after battling an illness. He was 86.

The funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at the Jerusalem's Har Hamenuchot cemetery.

Amital, who headed the Har Etzion joint army-yeshiva  program, was considered a moderate among the religious Zionists, and was known for his support of a land swap with the Palestinians in return for a peace agreement.

Rabbi Amital was born in 1924 in Hungary. During the Holocaust, he was sent to a labor camp and his entire family was killed.

Amital immigrated to British-ruled Palestine in 1945.

During the Independence War in 1948, Amital enlisted to the Israel Defense Forces and was a fighter in Brigade 7.

In 1988 Amital was a founding member of the Meimad movement - an acronym for Medina Yehudit, Medina Demokratit, (Jewish and Democratic State) - and in 1995 he was appointed minister without portfolio in then-prime minister Shimon Peres' government.