Eshel Zilberstein March 4, 2012
Eshel Zilberstein
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The missing soldier was found Sunday night in Eilat safe and sound, after 24 hours, in which his whereabouts were unknown to authorities. Hundreds of volunteers and security personnel searched for him.

Zilberstein was spotted by an Eilat resident, who called the police. Local police officers were dispatched and asked if in fact he was the soldier been looked for. He confirmed his identity.

The IDF intends to investigate what led to his actions.

The 19-year-old Zilberstein, was found several hours after his mother contacted him through the media. ‘Shilik, I want you to know: You disappeared. We know it is hard on you, that you need time to think. Dad and I love you, and await your return. We support your any decision. We are waiting from a call from you.”

The police and IDF conducted wide searches for the missing soldier all day Sunday.