Knesset plenum
The Knesset plenum. Photo by Daniel Bar-On
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The Likud's Knesset faction decided Monday to support the creation of a parliamentary panel of inquiry to probe sources of funding for human rights groups in Israel.

The decision passed by a majority of seven to six, which gives the Knesset House Committee the support needed to draft an outline for the move next week.

According to the Likud's decision, faction whip Ze'ev Elkin will allow those opposed – including Minister Dan Meridor, Benny Begin and Michael Eitan and Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin – to vote against the motion once it is brought for final vote at the Knesset plenum.

It is not yet clear whether the plenum vote will take place next week, as well, or if it will be postponed by Rivlin.

The plenum voted earlier this month by a majority of 47 legislators to order the House Committee to begin preparing for such a panel of inquiry.

The initiative, brought forth by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's Yisrael Beiteinu faction, called primarily to investigate the sources of funding for these groups. The panel will essentially be charged with looking into where these groups have been attaining their funds, particularly whether this money is coming from foreign states or even organizations deemed to be involved in terrorist activities.