Earthquake - Alon Ron
Photo by Alon Ron
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A light earthquake was felt Friday in several cities throughout northern and central Israel.

Dozens of Israelis from across the country called police stations to report the earthquake, which was felt a little before 10 P.M. Reports came from northern Israeli cities such as Safed and Haifa and central Israeli cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

According to the director of the Israel Geophysics Institute, Dr. Uri Frieslander, the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.5 on the Richter scale and hit what is called the "Cyprus region." Its epicenter was most probably some 120 kilometers (75 miles) west of Beirut.

"The earthquake originated in the area between Europe and Africa, where there are earthquakes frequently," Frieslander said. "When their magnitude is above 5, it could also be felt in Israel."