Gabi Maimon, Archive
Gabi Maimon, Interior Ministry General Director. Photo by Archive
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Israel Police officials recommended on Wednesday indicting Interior Ministry Director-General Gabi Maimon for allegedly accepting bribes and for his suspected involvement in a fraud scheme in which apartments designated for residents who had been evacuated from their homes in Gush Katif were in fact handed out in return for favors.

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss recommended that the police investigate the process of how the land was acquired for these evacuees in the community of Yad Binyamin.

Maimon and business partner Ofer Guetta are suspected of buying plots in the community through straw men who met the criteria and whose signatures were not legally verified by the Nahal Sorek Regional Council chairnab Eli Askozid.

Maimon's lawyer Pnina Guy told Haaretz that when the investigation started he police also alleged that Maimon was involved in money laundering and breach of trust, yet they had dropped the allegations.

"It’s a pity that from the start police decided to glorify the investigation with these allegations, and with regards to the police recommendation, Maimon denies the allegations against him and I believe that we will be able to convince the prosecution during the hearing to drop the other charges."