Kaft Qasem - Dudu Bachar - June 3, 2012
People gather in Kafr Qasem around the place where the body of 10-year-old Anass Sansur's body was found. Photo by Dudu Bachar
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Anass Sansur Photo by Reproduction

Israel Police arrested the father of a 10-year-old boy from Kafr Qasem who was murdered over the weekend over suspicion that he was involved in the incident.

The father was taken into investigation immediately after the incident until the following morning, however, police decided to release him in order to continue with an undercover investigation. The father's version of the events raised suspicion that he was involved.

The investigation began after the body of Anass Sansur was found over the weekend. Police suspect he was run over by a car, then murdered by one or more people in the car for fear he would turn them in.

On Thursday evening the boy's family, assisted by several neighbors, started looking for him when he was late returning from his cousin's house in the village. At midnight the family reported the boy missing at Rosh Ha'ayin's police station.

At about 2 A.M. a few boys who took part in the search found Anass' body under an olive tree in a field some 50 meters from his home. Forensics gathered samples from the scene and the body was taken to the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Preliminary findings indicate that Anass was run over by a car with at least two people in it, police said. It is not clear how seriously he was injured, but police said he probably did not die in the accident and it is likely he even remained conscious.

One of the people in the vehicle then apparently carried Anass to a hole among the olive trees near his home in a bid to conceal signs of the accident, police said. Fearing the boy recognized him, the perpetrator took steps to kill him after placing him in the hole.

Anass' father, who works in a brick factory in the village, told police the family was not involved in any disputes.

"The boy takes a short cut through this field every day. He was on his way to his cousin's," the father's uncle Mohammed Jabar Sansur said. "Whoever did this set out to kill him, waited beside him until he died and saw him try to crawl home." 

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