Neighbors mourning outside Achnafeh’s home in Lod yesterday.
Neighbors mourning outside Achnafeh’s home in Lod yesterday. Photo by Hadar Cohen
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A Lod woman was stabbed to death in her home early Friday morning, allegedly by her partner, who was found with a knife in his stomach in an adjacent room. Police believe that the man tried to commit suicide after murdering his partner, Sna’it Achnafeh, in a crime they say was apparently witnessed by the couple’s seven-year-old daughter.

Neighbors called the police at about 1 A.M. on Friday, after hearing loud yelling from an apartment in Lod’s Ganei Aviv neighborhood, followed by a child’s cries.

When police officers knocked on the door it was opened by a small girl. In the living room they found a woman lying lifeless on her back on the floor with stab wounds. In another room they found a man holding a knife and bleeding from the stomach, Lod police station commander Doron Turgeman said.

After a police officer shot the man with a stun gun, he dropped the knife and was taken to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center for treatment, police said. Later that morning, he was arrested in absentia on suspicion of murder.

Relatives said that the woman’s daughter sat by her mother’s body until the police arrived.

The couple’s relatives told police that Achnafeh, 42, had immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia in 2000 with her son, who died six months ago after joining the IDF. She settled in Lod with her partner, 38 − the two were not married − and had a daughter seven years ago.  

“They lived like any normal couple. There was no indication such a thing could happen,” one of Achnafeh’s brothers said yesterday. “We don’t know what happened but we want him to pay for what he did and spend the rest of his life in prison,” he said.

The couple’s daughter will be cared for by her mother’s sister until a permanent home can be found for her. “We will take care of the girl; we will make sure she grows in the best possible way,” a relative said.