Skin cancer
The skin cancer rate among Israeli men is 31% higher than among Israeli women. Photo by Archive
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The gap in skin cancer rates between men and women in Israel is widening, according to Health Ministry data released for Skin Cancer Awareness Week, which starts this Sunday (May 10).

Until the mid-1990s, the melanoma rate was higher among women. But since then, the trend has shifted in the other direction, with more men being diagnosed with the malady than women.

Currently, 31 percent more men are diagnosed with melanoma than women, a gap that was only 14 percent a decade ago.

In recent years, the morbidity rate for men with melanoma continued to rise while the women's morbidity rate was stable.

Among Israel's Jewish population, men have a 1 in 34 chance of developing melanoma and women have a 1 in 50 chance.

As part of Skin Cancer Awareness Week, Israel's health insurance providers will offer free skin cancer screening tests at more than 300 stations nationwide.