The fire near Kiriyat Tivon
The fire near Kiriyat Tivon Photo by Itay Pleb
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Firefighters contained two forest fires on Thursday, one in near Kiriyat Tivon in the Jezreel Valley and the other near Even Sapir on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Resident of three Kiriyat Tivon streets were asked to evacuate their houses and wait in a local school until the firefighters extinguished the blaze. No casualties were reported, though three houses sustained some fire damage. Roads in the area were closed to traffic.

Tali Pleb, a resident of Kiriyat Tivon, told Haaretz that she saw the blaze spread rapidly. "I was home when it started, I called the fire department, this was about at 2:40 P.M.. It started with a plume of smoke right across from our house, in between the trees near the playground. That may have been the source. I understood that it was a wild fire, and within ten minutes the fire spread midway to our house. I left the house at this point."

Another fire blazed not far from today's fire on Wednesday, but no one was evacuated from their homes and the fire was put out within two hours.

In the other fire near Even Sapir, the residents of the two rows of houses closest to the fire were asked to leave their houses. No one was injured and no damage to property was reported. Roads in the area were closed, but have since been opened to traffic.