Galilee forest fire.
A fire in a Galilee forest. Photo by Yaron Kaminsky
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Two fires broke out due to suspected arson in the Western Galilee on Saturday, and ten firefighting teams are battling the flames.

The fires broke out in two separate locations in the Galilee, one in the Gilon Forest and the other in the Ahihud Forest. Five firefighting teams have been dispatched to contain the flames, and two planes have been sent to the fire in the Gilon Forest.

No homes are at risk, and no people have been evacuated.

Amir Levi, a fire commander in the Western Galilee, said an investigation into the possibility of arson is being conducted due to the abnormal number of north Israel fires on Friday and Saturday.

A fire erupted in an open field on Friday between Kibbutz Yisor and Moshav Ahihud in the Western Galilee. 24 fire trucks and five planes successfully contained the blaze after several hours, but dozens of people had to be evacuated from their homes.