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Education Ministry director general Dalit Shtauber announced on Monday that a new concession bid will be held soon for the Hila program. The new concession offers improved private employment terms to 1,500 teachers who work in education for troubled youth.

The concession bid comes in response to the teachers' plans to stage a strike on Tuesday in 160 educational institutions where special programs are run for youth who dropped out of the conventional school program. The teachers have been fighting to upgrade the terms of their employment in recent months.

Tuesday will be the ninth strike in the dispute, and also be the most expansive, shutting down programs in which 8,000 Hila students are enrolled.

In contrast to teachers employed by the ministry, Hila teachers currently receive wages from contractors for the actual number of hours they teach. They receive salaries for eight months of work and lack job security.

Education ministry officials said the concession bid will relate to new terms for Hila teachers - the arrangement of yearly employment conditions and a base salary comparable to ones received by education ministry-run teachers who have equable levels of seniority.